How To Remove Footer Credit Links In Blogger Template


Hello friends, starting a new blog and setting up new theme in your blogger blog?. Currently many many blogger templates have footer credit links. If we remove them it will redirect you to theme source blog. But now you can remove them without any redirection. How To Remove Footer Credit Links In Blogger Template Without Redirect. There are dozens of websites are available on the Internet who provides free blogger templates to blogger users. The template author added their credits in the template footer and provide free version to their users. Because they want , you buy their templates with full supports and then they remove their credits from the footer. Now in this article, I’m gonna show you how you’re able to remove footer credit link from blogger templates easily.

All popular websites provide famous and stylish, responsive blogger templates to their users for free use under their footer credit links. Basically when any one try to remove these footer credits from these templates, it will automatically redirect to their own website / Homepage. This is only happen because the template author added some kind of JavaScript code into their free templates. You can also keep their original changes and keep their credits link of templates, then templates will works perfectly again.

I’m getting many messages on social media and getting my readers emails, in which they ask me related to these questions of How To Remove Footer Link Credit From Blogger Templates Without Redirection . Basically when you start a new blog, then you always find free stuffs. Almost all newbies blogger don’t want to invest their money of purchasing any premium template , so they use free templates, but they always want to remove admin footer credit links from their templates. But don’t worry, now I’m share an article with you of how to remove blogger template footer credit link easily.

How To Remove Footer Credit Links From Blogger :

  • First of all go to site.
  • Log In to your account and go to your dashboard and select your blog.
  • Go to your “Template” section by right side options.
  • Now click on “Edit HTML” button and click on anywhere inside the code.
  • Press CTRL + F and a window will showing in the right side upper corner.
  • Here simply right “Copyright” and go to the footer area or write “Footer” then you can also going there. Here you see some code with tags.
  • When you find credit / footer link which we want to remove or hide. Here you see different tags on different templates like Designed by, Credits, Copyright etc.
  • Now go to the “id=’mycontent’ and write “id=’mycontent’ style=”visibility:hidden”


  • Now save your template and check your blog footer link.

You can find many other articles and tutorials related to this topic of how to remove footer credit link from blogger template and also how to convert blogger template into premium template like topic. I completely hope you’ll like this and it will helpful to you. Also share you ideas in the comment section below and send me your other suggestions / feedback about this article. Thanks to Everyone ! ! !


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