How To Report Copyright Violation To Google Adsense


Hey guys, Here am sharing frequently asked question’s answer. Report Copyright Violation To Google Adsense. Now a days many bloggers using google adsense for earn money via google adsense. But they all are copying some other blog posts for earn money via adsense. By this issue many bloggers loss their traffic by their copy paste work. here am sharing the tutorial for how to report the copy pasters in google adsense and ban someone adsense account easily in short time.

Google Adsense Copyright Violation Report;

Google Adsense Allows You To Reort Copy pasters in adsense DMCA. Here am show you how to report google adsense Account copyright materials.

Steps To Report Copyright Violation To Google Adsense And Close Someone Google Adsense Account :

  • Goto Google Adsense DMCA Page
  • Now Enter Your Name And Email Address.
  • Choose The “Neither” In You Are Option or select the adsense publisher and enter your publisher id.
  • Fill The Copied Content Url In Violating Url Field ( Post Url )

  • Now In The Violations Option Mark On The Below Section
  • This site is distributing someone else’s copyrighted material, possibly without permission

  • Thats All. Now Scroll Down And Look On¬†Violation details: *

  • Enter Your Complaint And Submit To Google Adsense.
  • When You Submit The Form The Post Url Page Will Be Send To Adsense Team Via .pdf Format.
  • So that copy pasters can’t escape by deleting the post.

That’s All. In Just 2 or 3 days Reported adsense account will be disabled by google adsense for violating adsense terms. Also The DMCA Team will be issued the url as spam and block copied content url in google search results.¬†Report Copyright Violation To Google Adsense

So, Guys Above method will works very well. Also am following the above steps to and Now both are loss their adsense account. Bout before report them contact them via site email address or contact form. Also attched the warning message while report to google adsense.If it not works, just report minimum 5 urls from the page again. Because at first time adsense mark the account as spam (or) Temporarily Suspend. Then they continue the copyright violation. These site url added as Whitelist. and they never get adsense again in the same site. while adding the adsense ad codes. It will shows only empty spaces in widget area. Keep Visit For More useful Guides.



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