How To Scan TCP/UDP Port With Android Latest-2017


How To Scan TCP/UDP Port With Android Latest-2017

Hello Friends Toady I am gonna to tell you about How To Scan TCP/UDP Port With Android Latest-2017. Well If You are a Network Tester Or Intrested in Checking Your Website vulnerability. And If You Don’t Have Laptop Then You are at right place. Using This You Can Scan Open ports with your Android phone without using any command.

How To Scan TCP/UDP Port With Android Latest-2017

This is finished by a product Nmap (Zenmap gui windows) Since Nmap play out its best with Unix(command line) in light of the fact that there is less confinement than windows. This happens, for instance, when Nping is keep running under Windows (as Microsoft has crippled crude attachment bolster since Windows XP SP2), or when Nping is made a request to send ARP parcels. Since at times it is important to develop ethernet outlines, Nping offers a few alternatives to control the diverse fields.

“Clue :- You can Also Scan open ports in your system like airtel thought or other system and after this you can run free web by open ports by nmd or different vpn”

How To Scan TCP/UDP Ports:

  • Firstly Download  this App from Play Store
  • THen Open It.
  • And Click On Scan.

That’s It, Now You Have to Wait until It Scans The port.

Note :- Firstly interface your pc by arrange like modem , wifi , by your versatile at that point filter by nmap to get open ports in your system. Check this post How to make free web trap of all systems which makes new free gprs traps by output and utilize Open ports.

This is for instructive reason just don’t use for any illicit reason else we are not in charge of it.


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