Tips To Increase Your Google Adsense Earnings – 2017


Hello friends, Here am gonna share you Tips To Increase Your Google Adsense 2017. In my opinion, almost there are 99.99% people ( Bloggers ) who have a blogs, will be agree with this thing that the Google AdSense is the top and powerful PPC ( Pay Per Click ) or Cost Per Click (CPC) ads network in the world which give us a simple opportunity to make money online with Google Ads. But it is also fact that there are great percentage of bloggers ( AdSense Publishers ) who are unable to earning a huge amount from Google Adsense Advertisements Network.

If you use AdSense to your blog or website ? and want to increase your overall earning, then here I’m sharing some those. If you are a blogger, then you heard which is always commonly said that the Traffic is the directly proportional to the make money in Blogging, but remember that this is not overall correct in the terms of AdSense. Basically AdSense earning will be affect on many things, like Traffic too, but if you have a low traffic but all other needy things which google want, then you can make thousands of dollars from low traffic.

Tips To Increase Your Google Adsense Earnings :

High Paying Niche

The topic is the main thing of your AdSense earning especially if it is high paying niche. Basically Google Ads Network considered some powerful topic / niche to make more and more money. Advertisers are interested in those type of topic which is searched a lot and also it is powerful and mainly focuses on their products which they want to advertise.

High Paying Adsense Niche

  • Technology
  • Blogging
  • Health
  • Business
  • Make Money Online
  • Real Estates
  • News

It doesn’t matter of how much you want to make on the Google Ads, you just only focus on the choosing a powerful and best niche for your blog or site which is either ever green and also provided you a long term opportunities to make more and more money from Google AdSense Ads.

Ad Placements

Generally , placement is the most common but important factors involved in getting the low CTR and high CTR. CTR stands for ( Click Through Rate ) which means that how much of traffic you have and how much from them clicking on your ads. You can also use ads on a single post just after the post title. This placements also work more efficiently.

Always you should try to putting of AdSense ads on those placements, where greater chances of clicking are available, so more you clicks, more you earn from Google AdSense. Generally, ads around the contents and above the fold is the best and profitable placements.

Also note that, many bloggers don’t use Link-Based Ads. Basically these are different from banner ads, and they do not affect on your CTR. I’ll always recommended to use links based advertisements into your contents and getting more and more revenues.

High Performance Ad Sizes

  1. 300 * 250
  2. 336 * 280
  3. 728 * 90
  4. 160 * 600
  5. Responsive

So these sizes ads give you more profits . Use and replace your ads size from one of them and then watch how much increased your revenue.

Organic Traffic ( Search Engines Traffic )

I’m always quoted that Search Engine Traffic has advanced benefits and this is the real income providing thing. Search Engine Traffic which is also called Organic Traffic , is the best and powerful way , which if you utilize properly then you can getting some good amount of traffic, then you can get more and better result.

Google AdSense ads performing best on search engine traffic ( Organic Traffic ) . When people are searched on Searched Engines like on Google, then google can display more relevant ads on that keyword which is searched and visitor come to your site, so the user engagement chances increases and your earning automatically increase. For getting more and more visitors from search engine , you must learn about what is a SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ).

Choose Text Styles ( Images & Text Ads )

If you want to get more revenue from Google AdSense, and want to get more clicks on your ads, then you always select image and text ads option. Some people only select text ads and other some people only select banner, so in my opinion they lose more money. Because some time image ad don’t show, so if you select both text – image ads option, Google can show the text ads instead of image ad.

So in this way you will getting more engagements of your visitors with your ads and clicking chances increasing more. Ad much click you have into your advertisements, as much revenue you will generated from AdSense Network.

Quality & Unique Content ( Content Is King ) :  

You always heard this phrase “Content is King” and obviously i’m always considered it the first thing in blogging. SEO and other marketing techniques are impact on your ranking, but in my opinion is that, the more quality in your contents and the more unique your contents you will automatically getting ranking in search engines are in social media sites .

The Quality Content is the key and the base of your blog authority , blog ranking and the blog income. If you wish and want to make more money from Google AdSense, then always writes high quality and unique and fresh contents . As much quality into your contents as much ranking and authority of your blog and then as much visitors comes to your site, the result is that, you will generating more and more revenues from Google Ads Network.

Your SEO Efforts :

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is the key of online marketing and the best technique for your website ranking in the search engines. There are two main type of SEO , On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO , both are compulsory for your blog ranking and your AdSense CPC & CTR.

Targeting Ads – More Relevant Ads

Google AdSense is a contexual ad network which is works based on your contents and showing more and more relevant ads to your visitors. AdSense Section Targeting is the powerful technique to adding two lines of code just after and before your contents. Thus your visitors see more relevant ads according to your contents. Here is the more explanation provided on the Official Google Support site.

Blocked Low Paying URL’s Sites

Google AdSense provide many options to their publishers for giving them more opportunity to earn more via their network. URL’s Blocked Service is also one of them. Here you can easily blocked any Advertisers URL’s Site, which display very low paying ads.

There are many advertisers which pays very little amount of money on per click rate. If you see some ads again and again into your blog or website. And your earning will not be increasing, then block these ads in this option by Sign In to your account and blacklist it.

Website Design / Blog Theme

If you have a blog, on any platform. Blogger or WordPress doesn’t matter, always choose the clean and simple design for your site. Choose design which have attractive and powerful placements like in Header, Footer, Sidebar, Inside Posts etc. You can edit your theme , but i’ll recommended you to choose theme which is already have best ads placements. So there are good number of chances for getting clicks from your visitors and make more and more money.

Improve KeyWord Density

KeyWord Density played a vital role in the term of SEO. It will increases the overall blog traffic and also help you to getting more relevant ads showing to your visitors. And you know that, if ads are more relevant to the topic. Then visitor click on them and you will get paid. So as much relevant your ads, you will get more clicks and getting more revenue .

If you use Google AdSense your only the source of income. Then use these methods and techniques which will be more helpful for you . You can also trying many other methods for increasing your revenue. Try to improve your CTR and CPC, which will be not difficult, and generate more income via google ads.

I hope , if you implement these Tips To Increase Your Google Adsense, it will not only increases your blog traffic. But also increases your AdSense CPC, CTR, means your earning. Just generate more high quality contents and analyzing your competitors and getting better results.


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