How To Setup Custom Dot Tk Domain On Blogger


Here am gonna share you this tutorial for How To Setup Dot Tk Domain On Blogger. In this post you can setup custom domain in blogger using freenom. Previous post we are discus about how to create a blogger blog. So In this post am gonna share you how to park dot tk domain in blogger blog for free. Yes! dot tk domain is completely free of cost. But you can use this dot tk domain name only for 1 year. Then your free domain name will expire. Or you need to upgrade your free domain for price. Adding custom domain in blogger will increase your blogger seo and your blog name also easily memorable by users. Search engines and social networks does not likes your blogger domain

How To Setup Dot Tk Domain On Blogger

The domain name need to describe everything to users. So that i suggest you to get domain name. The good benefit of dot tk domain is google adsense approval. Yes, If you are new blogger?. Don’t have money for buy custom domain name for blogger?. Just ahead to dot tk domain name. You can get google adsense approval for blogger easily with freenom domain name many bloggers got approved easily in adsense by using dot tk domain name.

How To Setup Dot Tk Domain On Blogger :

  • Goto site and enter your desired domain name as your wish.
  • Now you will get availability of your domain name.
  • Just ahead to Registration form and fill your details.
  • While signup for dot tk domain click on Forward this domain to.
  • Then enter your blogspot url and continue.
  • Complete your order by confirm your account.
  • You can also use social network accounts for complete your registration.

Then your order will placed successfully in dot tk. Wait few hours to get confirmation from dot tk domain name service freenom. Check your domain name transfer by open the url in browser. Then getting successful result. Just goto blogger dashboard and start park Your domain.

  • Login To your blogger dashboard and click on settings.
  • Navigate to publishing option and select setup third party url to your blog.

How To Add Dot Tk Domain On Blogger

  • Just paste your dot tk domain with www.
  • You are getting some error message in red text to point your domain to dns.
  • Then goto and open your domain panel.
  • Here click on Modify option to configure your domain settings.
  • On CNAME Records records section¬†enter Host Name as “www” and IP address as “”.
  • It works on all blogger blogs.
  • Then again add CNAME like your records on blogger domain settings section.

Park Dot Tk Domain In Blogger

  • After Complete your setup, Your domain will successfully parked to dot tk domain name.
  • Enjoy your own custom dot tk domain name in blogger.

Enjoy Blogging with your free domain name from dot tk. By using this domain name, you can also get google adsense approval easily in blogger. Now you can understand How To Setup Dot Tk Domain On Blogger. Share this post with your friends and keep visiting.


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