SNES Classic Mini Review

SNES Classic Mini

The new SNES Classic Mini was recently launched and has a palm-sized controller which is great for retro games. Similar to the previous model, it has a beautiful design and is very convenient to hold. One of the best features is that it has a bonus edition to the game Star Fox 2. For the Gamers who miss the classic games like Super Mario, Final Fantasy and Zelda, this console is a delight. You will get a retro experience with this Nintendo made an authentic model. Let’s take a good look at the pros and cons of the controller and see for ourselves whether it is worth it to buy it this year or not.


There are two styles available. One model, which is considered better, has a red and grey chassis with vibrant colorful face buttons. The other style is a purple color. The design of the console is very similar to the NES Mini. With a compact design and very lightweight, the overall model looks very sturdy when it is placed beside a television. You can get different types of games online using Shoppers Stop Coupons with great deals.

On the top, there are reset buttons and the power button. There are the sliding power control and a fake eject button. The designing of the console has been done beautifully and most of the gamers will find it interesting. On the downside, the front of the device has fake controller ports and they will have to be removed. This makes it look a little clumsy. The controllers, on the other hand, have been improved amazingly. The length of the cable of the controller has been increased to 56 inches/ 142 centimeters. It might be an improvement but it would have been better if it were longer. If we compare the cable length to SNES’s controller, we would be disappointed as that controller had 90 inches long cable and was truly more convenient.

The buttons on the controller are easy to use, though a little squashy. They have provided a connector so that gamers can play the games that are not included on the console itself. You just need to connect the connector into the WiiMote and you can play games on the Wii virtual console. The box will contain two controllers and you can switch to multiplayer easily. 8bitdo had released wireless controllers for the same console, but they are a little expensive.

Functioning and performance

The user interface is a retro style. To choose games, you will have to scroll left and right. You can sort the games by publisher, name, and a number of players, release date and how recently you played them. There is a default smoothing filter applied to the games so the pixels won’t have rough edges. You can choose the pixel-perfect feature and play games in a retro style. You can switch between the games using the reset button on the console. It might get a little annoying using that button again and again.

One good feature provided in the console is that you can rewind up to 45 seconds and you can pick the moment where you want to take control. You can do this by going for save state and then you need to hit the X button. This feature will help you cheat in harder games and is surely a lifesaver. If cheating bothers you, you can simply not use that feature.


Nintendo has 21 pre-installed games. You can now unofficially add more games as a new hack is available. The pre-install games are the classic ones like super Metroid, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario World, final fantasy, Contra 3, super ghosts and ghouls, star Fox 2. To play Star Fox 2, you will have to complete a particular part of star Fox. Star Fox 2 was being developed in the 1990s but was never completed and now you get to play it exclusively on this console. These classic games being played on a modern landscape is a delight in itself. You can also apply for ONGC Jobs to know about this field.


The Classic version of the SNES Mini gives a retro gaming experience and is perfect for those who seek classic gameplay. Provided with two controllers and a good 20 collection of games, with the 45-second rewind feature, this console is truly a remarkable choice. In addition to all this, introducing the exclusive Star Fox 2 is a great move indeed. With the game library that can be expanded, the classic mini is a good choice. On the other hand, the cables of the console, though retro-styled too, could have been longer for convenient gameplay.


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