Social Media Marketing: The Best Bang For Your Buck


If you’ve just opened your first small business or have a small business already established and you’re just behind the times, you need to start creating social media accounts for your company. Social media marketing is truly the best bang for your buck. The platform is completely free to open an account and unless you grow larger and anticipate advertising through other accounts or buying media time, you can keep your costs pretty low.

While creating social media accounts for your business is easy, managing them might not be so simple. There are companies like Intensify, a social media company in Los Angeles that will do the managing for you. If you’re not quite ready to ask for help yet, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

1. Make your handle creative but relevant

Your handle is the username that your customers, followers, and potential followers are going to see when they come across your posts. You want your handle to match your company name or at least be easy to understand that the account is attached with your company. A user that types in your company name to the search bar in the given social media platform should be able to find your company with ease. If they can do that, you’re in good shape.

2. Make use of hashtags

The purpose of hashtags is hard for some people to understand, but if you were a social media guru, you’d understand the importance of using them. Hashtags put your post and therefore your account page on the map when people look up relevant hashtags. For example, you own a small local pizza shop and you open an account where you post pictures of your best pies. You’re going to want to hashtag certain phrases so that people who look up those phrases have the chance of seeing your photo. (#pizza #bestpizzaever). If you don’t want to flood your captions with a hundred hashtags, which do tend to look a little spammy, you can create a hashtag that’s unique to your business. If your chef is named Charlie, do something like #Charliecooks. Get creative and make your followers engage in the hashtag as well.

3. Post often…but not too often

You want to post on your accounts enough so that you don’t fall off the map, but not to the point where you start losing followers. If you post once or twice a day, you should be able to reach enough of your audience to keep followers engaged with your account, but you wont pop up on their feed enough to annoy them. Figure out the timing of your posts by trial and error. There are definitely good and bad times to post depending on what people are doing throughout the day. Odds are that people aren’t checking their feeds at 4 in the morning and probably not even at 10 am because they’re at work.

4. Choose what you’re posting wisely

This should go without saying, but make sure your personal account and your business account is kept separate. The content on your company’s social media account should stay relevant to your company or at least the industry you’re in. Feel free to post about new employees, awards, changes in the office, new products, or even customer testimonials. Don’t be afraid to make it personal, but with this make sure the intimacy is between the followers and the company, not any one employee.

These are just the basics of setting up a good social media account for your new or established business. There are a ton of more complicated ways to measure success, engage with customers, hire influencers, and curate professional content. Once you’ve reached that level in your social media marketing needs, it’s time to reach out to someone like Intensify, a social media company in Los Angeles, that truly knows what they’re doing. Good luck until then!


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