The Myths Being Told About SEO That Could Cost You


Over the span of sometimes many things in the Digital Marketing industry develop myths around them, which makes it all the more difficult for beginners to find the truth. SEO is one of those techniques, that has more myths than any other technique. SEO is the science of adjusting, developing and tuning the content of a website and promoting that website throughout the web. If you are new to SEO, read this guide where a credible agency experts have shared by Digitrio. Let’ have a look at 6 of the most common SEO myths.

Buying High Authority Links is a good idea

One of the most common SEO myth that is making rounds is that buying high authority links is a good idea. It was easy to do so before Google start penalizing this act. Presently, buying high authority links is very risky, some businesses still try to do so as a lot of backlinks are cheap to buy. There is also a myth that Google cannot differentiate between paid and natural backlinks. This is not true.

Cheap SEO Services or Free Trials are beneficial

Many people think that anything that is cheap or free is good, but this not applies to everything especially in the world of SEO. You might find companies that offer SEO services as cheap as under $500. They do this as they know that some business owners have a limited budget and look for cheap alternatives. These companies usually offer backlinks rather actually improving the website ranking by attracting organic traffic. It’s better to invest in a good SEO company than facing the risk of Google algorithmic penalties.

Keywords Stuffing

Sadly, speaking there some people who claim that keyword stuffing is a perfect way to win the search engine game. This can lead to serious consequences in two way.

  • -Google can penalize you for repeating the keywords too many times, as it makes your content look meaningless.
  • -You will lose your viewers as they will see no value in your content.

Many businesses do keyword stuffing because they think it is an easy way out to get top rank in search engines.

Sneaky Redirects

Another SEO myth many people follow is the sneaky redirect, or an attempt to outsmart Google. Never try to fool Google, because Google algorithm is smart enough to pick content details. It gets to know when you are trying to create a redirect link, and this can cause you penalties from Google.

Sneaky redirects are done to direct visitors to pages that different from what’s shown on Google or what crawlers have scanned. It is a crooked tactic to improve search engine ranking, which doesn’t work anymore.

Just focus on Creating Great Content Rather Than Worrying About SEO

You must have heard this from the so-called experts that simply creating good content is enough to get high search engine ranking. Although it is important to create original and unique content, you can’t ignore SEO. Initially, you can start with effective SEO and write original content by simply creating backlinks in your content from related websites and pages. For some company’s organic search traffic isn’t always crucial as they manage to get found through Facebook ads or PPC campaigns. It is important to balance the SEO principles with content as it can work in tandem, so there is no need to separate them.

Mobile Optimization Is Not Important

Do still hear this from your superiors that mobile doesn’t matter when doing SEO? If yes, then these companies are many steps behind the game of understanding SEO strategies. If you search online, then you will see many reports showing that mobile usage is far more than desktop use till date.

Thus, it’s a good idea to optimize your SEO for mobile, it is good to start with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). This is an open-source code that you should employ to your mobile content so that the pages load faster on any mobile device.

Hope now it’s easier to debunk all the above SEO myths.



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