Tip to Use Google Assistant In Any Mobile [No Root]


Hi dear visitors, Today here we come with a new trick to get google assistant feature on any android device. Hope you guys already know about google assistant. But currently, it is not officially open to all android devices. In this article zybermedia sharing an awesome working method to use/ get google assistant on any android device.

Google Assistant

Google assistant is a new feature that is currently available on some android devices. and not officially released for all devices. The google assistant is the future personal assistant in android devices. this is powered by google. Google assistant helps you in all manner. It is already broken the other personal assistants like Siri and Corona records. Yeah, everyone hopes to try it. Zybermedia here sharing the working method to use google assistant on your android device.

How to Get Google assistant on my android device manually

  1. First, go to google app beta test program page and  click on ‘become tester’
  2. now go to, google play services beta test program page and click on ‘become tester’
  3. then download google play services beta app from here.
  4. If You Are Unable To Understand Then Wait For 10 Minutes And Click Here To Check Whether You Can See An Update In Play Store Or Not. If Yes Download It From There. If Not Then Download Manually.
  5. After updating the google app, go to settings>>Input and languages then select your language as English united States
  6. then install both the google beta and google play apps on your device.
  7. now go to settings>>app>>google app>> and clear all data
  8. if you see any error like ‘app is not installed’ then make sure that you are installed both apps as said in step no.7. also if you are getting any other errors make sure that you are part of the beta testing of these two apps. you can check this by going to playstore>> my apps and games>> beta
  9. here if you see both the google and google play services then okay. otherwise, follow from first step.
  10. Reboot your device. after rebooting check long pressing your home button. here you got google assistant. you have successfully installed the google assistant feature on your device.Now we need to download the google app beta version.
    here you need to note some things before downloading. go to this page for google app download page. here you need to select the app suitable variant. you need to select the app variant with respect to your device system specs. you can see the example of variants of the app.

Hope you successfully installed google assistant on your android device. the steps are little tough anyway it is working fine. we will make a video tutorial soon and publish here.thanks for reading and enjoy google assistant

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