Tips to Create Effective Social Media Video Campaign

Importance of Engaging Video Campaign for the Social Media

Social Media is a platform that lets people meet and get connected with one another. Aside from individual connections, businesses also make use of social media for their business. Currently, the best way for businesses to promote their products and services digitally is through social media.

Around the world, social media is used daily by millions of people. Which is, indeed, a great opportunity for businesses to reach out to them. And that is through utilizing Social Media Video Marketing.

According to some research, people would spend much more time now watching on social media and video-sharing sites rather than watching on TV. These sites could be Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and more. In fact, a study by Social Media Marketing Reports has found that more than 50% of internet users spend at least one hour a day on social networks.

The large number of audiences’ visibilities made the use of video campaigns plays a very important role in marketing a business. If you are in the field of business, take advantage of using different marketing strategies, including video marketing. Videos are a great tool to reach out to audiences that are in different parts of the world.

Not only that, but it is also the best way to create engagement with them even if you are far from them. Videos make digital marketing more effective.

Create Social Media Video Campaigns Easily

Before you get into creating your killer video marketing campaign, you must first find out your brand’s target audience. What do they look like? Where do they live? What is their age group? Some of these demographics might be difficult to answer. You may conduct research by gathering the analytical statistics on your website or by searching for those who already made interactions with your brand. Then, you may proceed to analyze their social media profiles.

And when it comes to creating videos, there are abundant video editing materials that you can rely on. You may find free and paid versions of these tools that let you use them to your advantage. You may also have old resources where you want to remove audio from the video and overwrite it with your own original file.

Create a Killer Video Campaign With These Effective Tips

Creating an ordinary video might seem simple. In fact, you can even do it with the use of your mobile device. But, creating an effective social media video campaign is not as easy. Keep reading and learn more about the effective tips to create a video campaign that will dominate social media marketing.

  1. Prepare your Social Media video marketing campaign ahead of time. Before you can even implement the strategy, you should strategize. You must give priority to strategy when creating a social media video campaign that will dominate digital marketing. It is important for you to create a good story for your video campaigns.
  2. Create an Interesting Story

    There’s nothing more interesting than a video telling a story that relates to the audience. That makes knowing who your target audience is very important. Having said that, you would know how to deliver a story that catches their interest. It would be easy for you to dig into their deep emotions and awaken their feelings with your created video. Doing that, you create engagement between your brand and your customers with your video campaign.

  3. The first-8-second Rule

    In 2015, Microsoft published a cited study by Time Magazine that tells the audience’s attention is mostly focused on the first 8 seconds of the video. If your audience finds your first 8 seconds interesting for them, they will probably continue watching your video. Otherwise, they will just skip to the next video and leave yours unfinished. That is why you need to use the first 8 seconds to attract your audience and hold them until your video ends.

  4. Content is King

    It has always been known as the major rule in content marketing. Also known as content marketing, video marketing is a type of digital marketing that uses video content. If the content is king, therefore, the quality of it must be given priority. Make sure that you will use a video editing tool that will not compromise the resolution quality of your video. Plus, the message of the video is clearly stated and well transformed visually.

  5. Subtitles Help a Lot

    Subtitles work to translate the speech on a video. This is meant for the audiences who don’t understand the language used in the video and for those hard of hearing. Through the use of subtitles, videos become easier to consume. The videos become more appreciated by the audience when they come with subtitles.

  6. Use Animations

    One of the most powerful trends nowadays is the use of animated visuals in video marketing. You may have watched a marketing video that uses animations. How well did it catch your attention? This trend tends to visualize the topic in a more concise and friendly manner. And it creates a difference among the other trends that are becoming popular today.

  7. Choose the Right Platform for Your Video

    When creating a video campaign, it is important that you have planned ahead which platform you are going to post your content. In order for your video to be successful, you need to choose the right social media platform. Knowing the target audience, theme of video and trends to use depend on the social media platform for you.

If your business is new to using video marketing on social media sites, it’s not the end for you. This article is equipped with powerful tips that you must apply to create an effective video campaign for business marketing.

Don’t forget to incorporate your content with a call to action. Call-to-actions or also known as CTA are your powerful tool to invite your audience to get to your site or avail of your product. But do not make it a sales pitch.


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