Top 5 Voice Changing Softwares


Yes, you guessed it right, voice changing as the name suggests, are the type of software designed to alter your voice by making moderations in pitch, tone, distort the voice or combine any of the voice changing options. You can even use all the alterations in a go to put forward a complete makeover to your voice.

These apps can be used while online gaming, for fun or creating prank with your friends and any other naughty or effective use you can think of. There are various software and apps available in the market as voice changers but not all stand up to a user’s expectation. If you are looking forward to an effective Voice Changing Software, stay tuned and keep reading the blog.

List Of Top 5 Voice Changers

The list of voice changing software is created based on their popularity, reviews and ratings. Let us know about the software in detail.

Voice Changer For Discord:

Voicemod – Voice Changer For Discord tops the list of voice modulation apps. It is a real-time voice changing software that allows you to create different voices in online gaming, over online and offline calls or during voice chatting in an online chat room.

With Voice changer for discord, you can create any sound acting like a male or female, anime, celebrity, low pitch, deep-toned or any other. You can create infinite variations in your voice and laugh at your own experiment. It can be one of the best software for trolls and discovering meme.

Clownfish Voice Changer:

It is the ultimate voice changer app developed for efficient compatibility with windows. Any application in your system that makes use of any audio capturing device like Bluetooth or microphone will be automatically a part of Clownfish Voice Changer and you can use the software for the particular app to make modulations. Some of the apps that are supported by clownfish are Skype, TeamSpeak, Discord, Hangout, Steam, Whatsapp, Messenger, ooVoo, Viber and any other app using voice assistance or calling functionality.

You can make real-time changes in your voice and pretend in a baby pitch, male or female pitch, sound like a robot or alien, add fast or slow mutation to your voice, radio or any other alteration you can think of. The app has inbuilt Virtual Studio Technology Support, Music Player and a sound player too. The app is an all-rounder in its domain. You will love having the app installed in your device.

Voxal Voice Changer:

Along with the real-time application of voice changer in different apps, this software can be used for distortions in already existing files. You can completely modify the recorded audio in terms of voice, mutation and pitch. It can be used with all the games and software that makes use of the microphone. It is highly effective and gives you complete satisfaction in creating new sounds.

There is no limit to use various options for creating voice disguise and get personalised changes. You can even save the chain of effects that you create by combining available effects. It is very easy to use with convenient user-interface.

AV Voice Changer:

You can use this app to mimic any character of your choice from real life or reel life. You can sound like a cartoon or your favourite TV star. You can create, morph and edit the audio files the way you look forward to it. All the essential changes can be made to pre-existing voice data. You can have fun for hours in chat rooms or on regular phone calls.

You can create voice signals for different purpose apart from just using it for fun. There can be various online and offline applications for this software. The app is available for free and can be your favourite pastime.


It is available in two versions MorphVox Junior and MorphVox Pro. MorphVox junior is available to make the desired changes in the pitch of your sound and generate a voice that suits best to your personality. With pro version, you can introduce voice alterations in your online gaming and any other online real-time application.

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You can be a hero with your voice modulations before the ones who are unaware of this software, enjoy with your friends creating funny tricks and enhance your online gaming experience. It has amazing features in the form of

  • Superior Voice Learning Technology.
  • Improved Sound Quality and
  • Background Cancellation.

You can have overall great results with application of different available features. You will want to use more and more of this software and try new voices with different experiments.

Final Words:

All the voice changers work effectively. You can go with the one that is compatible with your device, operating system and matches your expectations. Overall the base and idea of this technology is very tricky and funny that can make you laugh for hours.



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