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    Elastic tapes came to replace athletic tapes. The upgrade had better qualities than the latter. These tapes had not been as prevalent until the 2008 Beijing Olympics despite them being there since 1970. During the games, many athletes were seen having them on their arms as a way of protecting their muscles from further injury.

    These elastic tapes are therapeutic. Manufacturers use stretchy cotton to make the tapes. They will stick to the human skin with ease. Compared to athletic tapes, they are more beneficial to the user because they will not limit movement in any way when you have it on any ligament. In fact, it enhances movement of both muscles and blood. They will also restrict swelling on that injured part. Nonetheless, they should be treated as a substitute for treatment. The injured person should use it on a temporary basis and visit the doctor for extra care.

    Elastic tape can stretch up to 140% its standard size. The tapes come in a variety of colors and patterns. As you shop, you will come across different brands. Additionally, they all have different sizes so you can order one depending on the size that you require.

    The tapes do not use any latex on them, unlike the athlete tapes. The lack of latex ensures that the skin remains breathable. Therefore, you will not have any sweat stuck in between the tape, which can cause discomfort to the user. Users can also use them to help align weak muscles and reduce the pain felt in the affected area.

    Apart from color and pattern, all elastic tapes come in various formations depending on the part of the body they are best for. When applying it to your skin, the user should let it rest in a longitudinal direction. It will absorb all the pressure and pain in that area. Therefore, you can still work as usual even when you have that injury on you. They are also vital for patients who had a stroke.

    Polyester tapes use adhesives such as rubber, silicone, and acrylic. They are vital elements in ensuring that the tape’s insulating properties remain at a very high level. One thing that we should appreciate manufacturers for these tapes is that they have high-level insulating properties. They are sturdier and can stand temperatures of up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Another benefit with the polyester tapes is that it offers smooth removal from the surface without leaving residues on it. This is unlike regular tapes, which will dirtify the surface on which it lies, regardless. The tapes are transparent, which make it a good pick for anyone who likes to see the way the tape goes around a cable or any other material. For example, when you are fixing a damaged electronic cable, it would be nice to cover it with such a material. Despite the color of it, the user can see the surface underneath without opening it.

    If you have a cable that needs more insulating properties added to it, then this is the right pick. With the temperature resistant capabilities that it owns, the wire will remain strong and deals with any dangers that it can bring about.

    Other industries that find the tape to be useful include the aerospace, automotive, web processing, military, photography, and graphic design industries. The tape can be used to draw patterns on a transparent surface such as a window. When the user wants to remove it, he or she will not have problems doing so because it comes off quickly. Despite their thinness, these tapes are tear resistant. They will comfortably lie on the surface. However, no amount of pressure can tear it, including reactive chemicals.

    Manufacturers do not limit making polyester tapes with just one color. Find a wide selection of colors to select depending on what moves you. It is difficult to tear through it; hence, very protective and acts as a good seal. Also, find a wide range of size selection. The tapes vary in length and width; therefore, perfect for any client needs.

    Suppliers for raw materials that are used for making woven tape are strictly screened and their products are closely monitored. Woven Tap is made through a complex process, therefore, gathering the appropriate material for the woven tap is necessary. The rolling technique method that also involves electronic control allows the creation of large rolls of woven tape. In terms of innovative new fibers are constantly being tasted. The most modern materials being used in the manufacturing of woven tape are Kevlar, Teflon, Nomex, and Carbon. They have amazing thermal and insulation properties that are highly important for woven Tape.

    The tapes sometimes may be woven with heat shrinking yarn. In this case, they are usually made using fibers with high standards of retraction to high temperature. These kinds of woven tape are made for motor parts that need wrapping tape. The tape has to be self-locking.  All these tapes are made ready to dye to the client’s specifications. When it comes to size, the customer needs to ensure that they have the right size before manufacturing.

    The material used in the making of the woven tape always determines its function. For instance, some woven tapes called woven elastic tape can be found all around us. Especially in clothing apparel such as underwear, waistband, and hair scrunchy. This is due to its characteristics such as being able to stretch up to 40% and its ability to make us more comfortable. Every material has its advantages and disadvantages. It also serves a specific function when it comes to the world of woven tape.

    Woven tape can also be used in the manufacturing of furnisher, and in the automotive industry. Each industry has manufacturing guidelines for the type of woven tape they use. For instance, you cannot use an elastic woven tape in the automotive industry. Due to its components, the elastic woven tape is better suited for the garment apparel sector. The differences in woven tapes are based on the material used in its making. Some are made using rubber some include materials such as Kevlar.



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