How to verify Google Adsense without Pin Number 2017


verify Google Adsense without Pin Number India 2017- Google adsense is currently used by most bloggers in india and other countries for making money with their blog posts. Google adsense verify publishers address details by sending pin number to the given address. When you reach the minimum payment, you can request to pin verification to your given address. In your home address you will receive a post with the code for complete verification. But in some cases you are not getting the pin number, you can verify your address through some alternate methods. Here am sharing this post for how to bypass google address verification in india by using alternative methods.

Google adsense pin not received in india what to do?. After requesting the pin number to your home address. You have to wait minimum 4 weeks for receive your pin number. After getting the pin, you can paste it on your google adsense account for complete verification. Currently adsense offering address verification by some alternative methods. By submitting your government id proofs, you can verify your address.

Recommended Id Proofs :

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Bank Statement
  • Voter Id Card
  • Electricity Bill
  • International Passport

Verify Google Adsense without Pin Number :

If you have any one identity proof given in the above list, you can submit it on adsense account for complete verification. Open adsense dashboard and click on Action where you get notification of address verification. Then here you can complete address verification by entering pin number or submit id proof option.

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But note, you can only generate pin number after the 4 weeks of generating first pin. The first pin will automatically generated and you can requesting another pin after the 4 weeks. You can only submit id proof after the 4 weeks of generating first pin.

When you entering address verification form, you are getting the option to enter your pin number. If you are unable to receive the post after the 4 weeks of generating first pin. You can get option to submit the form with the id proof for verify your address. See the below screenshot.

Now just click on the form. then you will see an new page for submit id proof. Here enter your name, email address, publisher id. Then add the attachment of scanned copy of id proof which mentioned in above list.

For creating the scanned copy of id proof, log on to and download the camscanner application in your android mobile.

After submitting your id proof, you will receive the confirmation email from google adsense for successfully completing the address verification. Then start receiving money into your selected payment option.


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