How to view private facebook profiles without a friend


Facebook is the number 1 social media in the world and have billions of users. Everyone using facebook site for find friends on facebook and contact with your existing friends. Here in this tutorial am sharing a short method for How to view private facebook profiles without being a friend. You can view any private facebook profiles without any restrictions. Currently facebook does’t allow users to view the facebook private profiles by privacy settings. But in facebook some bugs available to view the private profiles. So you can bypass the privacy settings in facebook easily.

How to view private facebook profiles

By using below recommended methods, you can view the persons facebook profiles who blocked you. When someone blocked you for viewing their facebook profiles, you can’t open their profiles normally. You will be redirected to homepage, when trying to open the blocked account profiles. So here you have to follow some secret facebook tricks to view their profiles without any profile blocking issues. Just follow the below short methods to view private facebook profiles.

How to view private facebook profiles :

  • Logout From your facebook account.
  • Now open the browsing history and search for the private profile url of Who blocked you.
  • Then open the url and view the profile of blocked users.
  • You can view the all private profiles of facebook users by using this method.

When the profile opens without any issues, you can clarify that the user blocked you on his / her facebook profile. You have to enter the correct username of facebook profile for open the private facebook profile. So that you can navigate your browsing history, and use ctrl + f button for search the facebook username of blocked account profile. when unable to find the username, follow method 2.

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Method 2 : [ Using Search Engines ]

When someone blocked you on facebook. Just logout from your account and open google or bing in the browser, Now search for the fb user profile by typing user name + facebook. For example, if your targeted facebook profile name is Sasi Kumar Hs, Just type Sasi Kumar Hs in search box and hit enter. Then you can find the various results in search results page. Here select the facebook profile and view the profile.

Some facebook users using the strict privacy settings. If the user enabled the option Do you want other search engines to link to your timeline? as No. Then your requested facebook profile not be visible in search engine results.

So guys, I hope this How to view private facebook profiles article helps you to view blocked users profiles on facebook without any issues. This above 2 methods working fine and tested. Share this post with your friends…


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