What is Mobile Spy Software and How to Install It?

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Every kid has a smartphone nowadays and they spend most of their time on social media platforms, internet, and on various gaming applications. Kids are continuously distracted from their studies because of smart phones and this can be a worrying sign for parents. Excess use of smart phone and internet can be injurious to kids’ mental health. Digital addiction is a major issue that many parents tend to overlook.

The overuse of mobile phones and internet can cause insomnia, depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, etc. Apart from these harmful effects there are also numerous threats on internet like phishing, scams, cyber bullies, etc. These threats can cause a lot of problems to kids physical and mental health. Due to all these reasons, it has become necessary for parents to use spy phone app.

It is parents’ responsibility to keep their kid safe and with the help of mobile spy app parents can create a safe web environment for kids. It is impossible for parents to continuously stay around kids and see what they are doing on their mobile phones but with the help of mobile spy app they can remotely monitor everything that kids do online.

This helps parents to know whether their kid is safe or not. The spy phone app has numerous other features that allows parents to closely monitor kids’ activities and keep them safe from any kind of threats like cyber predators. parents can also set screen time limit and even if kids are not around, they can enforce the time limits with the help of mobile spy app.

How to install android spy software on mobile?

For installing mobile spy app then make sure that the device has a stable internet connection, and the android version in the device is 4.4 or above. Below are the steps for installing mobile spy app on your device,

  • Step 1 – Disable the ‘Scan device for security threats’ from the Play store.
  • Step 2 – Download and Install spy app for android.
  • Step 3 – Accept the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Privacy policy’.
  • Step 4 – Create & Register account and enter the required information like Email address.
  • Step 5 – Verify link on your email ID for verification.
  • Step 6 – Allow permission for ‘GPS’.

Features of Android Spy Software

The spy phone app is easy to install and has a lot of features that ensures the online safety of the kids. Here, we have mentioned some of the most amazing featuresof mobile spy app.

Monitor Installed Applications

This feature gives the control of mobile phone in the parents’ hands. Parents can know the applications that are installed on the kid’s device and which are the applications that kids are using throughout the day. Parents can also check the most used applications on the kid’s device.

This way parents can know whether their kids are addicted to gaming or anything else. If parents find any inappropriate application on which kids spend most of the time, then they can block such applications and prevent their kid from getting addicted to it.

Monitor Internet Usage

Parents cannot know which websites their kid is visiting throughout the day on their mobile phones. With this feature parents can know the websites visited by their kid along with the time and date. They can view the history data and know how many times a website has been visited. All the website history is uploaded on the mobile spy app dashboard and parents can easily access it from there.

So, if there is any harmful websites that kids are visiting then parents can block such websites by using this feature. This feature becomes very important because we know there is a lot of harmful and dangerouscontent available on internet and it can affect the mental health of kids. So, by monitoring internet usage parents can create safe online environment for kids.

Tracking of Social Media Platforms

Kids constantly use social media platforms and there are so many cyber bullies and cyber predators on these platforms. Some of the most popular social media platforms used by kids are WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Tinder, Line, etc. Parents can easily track kids’ social media activities with the help of mobile spy.

They can track all the WhatsApp chats and see the name & number of the sender. Parents can see all the files that are shared on these social media platforms. Similarly, parents can view all Facebook chat conversations along with the time and date stamps. This helps parents to know with whom their kid is talking on social media platforms and they can protect the kids from cyber bullies and cyber predators.

Access Multimedia Files & Address Book

Parents can see all the names and numbers that are stored in the phonebook. They can find any contact and view the e-mail ID associated with those contacts. Parents can also manage and block any unwanted number that is not present in the contact list.

From the mobile spy app dashboard parents can view each image that is captured by the phone camera. Even if any image is erased from the phone, parents can still access it.

Location Tracking

Parents are always worried when the kids go out but with location tracking feature, they can know the exact location of kids whenever they want. Parents can access all location information directly from the dashboard and they can even identify the location when regular GPS is not available. With the help of location path, you can see all the visited places.

If parents do not want their kids to visit any unsafe places then by using the geofence feature they can set unlimited safe and unsafe areas on map. So, if kids enter or leave the geofences the parents will instantly get notified. Parents can see the time and date stamps and how often each area has been visited. The history of kids’ movements is also available on the dashboard of the mobile spy app.

Monitor Calls and Text Messages

Parents can view missed calls and the call logs of target device. They can even see the call logs deleted from the phone and download all call recording files. You can see when each call was made along with the contact name and number.

Similarly, parents can view full content of all the sent and received messages. They can check the senders name and number along with the time and date stamps.

Health Monitor

Mobile spy app also allows parents to monitor the health of the child. Parents can see the total distance walked by the kids and how many calories have been burnt by exercise. They can easily access all the health-related data from the control panel of the mobile spy app.

Why Do Parents Buy Android Spy Software?

The use of mobile phones and internet is increasing very rapidly in kids and due to this spy phone app has become mandatory for parents. With the help of mobile spy app parents can make sure that their kids are safe from any kind of harmful effects of mobile phones and internet.


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