What Makes VPS Hosting an SEO Friendly Hosting Solution?


It’s no news that for any business to thrive in the online space, it is essential to have a robust Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. But what many site owners are still unsure of is that the web hosting service also contributes to your search engine marketing efforts. The kind of hosting platform, service, features, etc. that you choose for your site can have positive impacts on your organic search results. That is why we see a certain inclination of site owners towards Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting plans and exploit it for better SEO.

For those who are still new to the idea, VPS hosting involves hosting your site on a virtual server. The hosting environment uses the mechanism of ‘virtualization’ and creates a number of virtual servers (on a physical server), each of which hosts a version of your website on each. Each such server runs on its own resources and is kept isolated from the other. VPS hosting is available on both Linux and Windows platforms.

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If you are a site owner and considering a hosting service, read on to know how VPS hosting can boost your search engine results.

Typically, search engines determine good SEO practices by assessing –

  • loading speed of your web pages
  • site security level
  • page availability or uptime

Now when we connect these factors back to VPS hosting, this is what you get:

Page loading speed

A site/web page that loads slower, yields nothing but bad experience to your site visitors. Chances are that they might not ever come back, making you lose out on valuable traffic and thus, business. With a VPS hosting plan, this is very much in your control. The isolated hosting environment lets you address speed issues individually, while the complete root access allows you to customize the settings that can affect the site loading time and speed.

Site security

This is perhaps one of the biggest deal-breakers for search engines. Any kind of suspicious activity that your site faces, and eventually your visitors are instantly reported to search engines who flag your site and its content as ‘malicious’ leaving a negative impression on the users. This is a problem that might arise for sites on shared hosting platforms. However, with VPS, this can be easily tackled. With each server isolated from the other, anyone of those facing a security threat will, in no way, affect the performance of the other.

Site uptime

This is very much like the loading time factor. If your users are looking for information or want to do a monetary transaction and they face downtime on your site, they will immediately leave. And chances of them returning is almost zero. When you opt for a high performance-driven hosting environment like VPS, you can be assured of a 99.99% uptime at all times. This is made possible by high-end resources that the hosting platform uses to run its servers.

Summing up…

SEO is at the core of productive digital marketing today and the only way to get your business visible across the online audience. Hence, as a business owner, it is essential for you to consider the impact of your hosting plan on your site SEO. Always research well before you choose your hosting provider, ask questions and assess if all your criteria are duly met, so you can make the most of both the host and your marketing efforts.



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