When You Visit the Escape Hour in Edmonton or Calgary and You Face Into Your First Quest Room

What to expect from your team during your journey to escape from a quest room many people don’t really know what to expect. Here are some things that we observe in nearly every room daily on the escapehour.ca/calgary

The Excitement

When a team of people are about to enter a quest room for the first time, you can almost feel the excitement in the group. We usually get loads of questions.

Over Confidence

There is nearly always one person in the group who has either done some sort of quest room before and they are sometimes over confident

The Cautious few

On the other hand, you will look totally lost and uncertain about what’s going to happen. Watching their reactions as they’re with their way through the question is always interesting


The Search for a Leader Begins

That’s what I need team game a leader will emerge. Inevitably, it’s not the person who was overconfident and started telling everyone what to do. Once the team realizes on that this person isn’t the article they claim another leader emerges.

The Buzz of Solving the First Puzzle

Once the team gets their head together and they work their way through the first clue or puzzle in the quest room, you can see the confidence throughout the whole group is boosted and they’re ready to beat the clock

Tension Builds

Whether you’re in the classroom in the escape hour in Calgary or Edmonton one thing always takes the tension builds, the early confidence, the team has gone from solving the first puzzle slowly disappears as the group splinters and cracks appear

The Tipping Point

It’s at this point may be 2/3 of the way through that you can clearly see whether or not a team is going to succeed. if they can’t work together towards a common goal, failure is virtually inevitable. The leader gets his team together and puts some on the home straight, the possibility of everything falling into place and then escaping the quest room in time can still happen.

Doubt Sets in

That’s the clock continues to take, you’ll see the look on some people’s faces change. They ask questions like can we complete the quest room in time, why haven’t we used these things yet. A lingering doubt rises.

Victory Is at Hand

The joy on the faces of a team who solved the ultimate puzzle and break free of the quest room is the reason most people love working at Escape Hour in Calgary and Edmonton.


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