Why Handbrake DVD Ripper Is So Popular?


The people in this day and age are living in a revolutionary era. In the age of CD and disks, the popularity of DVDs has lost its relevance. There has been a tremendous increase and advancement in technology, and things such as cloud storage and online streaming have changed the world. The continuous use of flash drives and hard discs will store content in GBs and TBs of data, which can offer high-speed and super-fast transfer capabilities.

For ripping the DVDs, one can use HandBrake to convert the DVD files to other formats that will work easily on mobile phones, laptops, computers, and tablets. Handbrake is considered to be the best free DVD ripper for your personal computer and Mac.

Handbrake – Free DVD Ripper and Video Converter

HandBrake is a free and open-source transcoder that is used for ripping digital video files. It was first developed in 2003. This was originally made to create ripping a film and video from a DVD in another data storage device very easily. The program has gone under several changes over the past few years and has developed into great use. One can download the latest and newest version of HandBrake from the official website for the operating system and platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux. One has to be sure that their system meets all the requirements of downloading and installing the video program.

Install Handbrake

It is very simple to install HandBrake, but the installation process varies from one platform to another. For Windows users, one will have to double-click on the downloaded installation file. They will have to click on the installation process by following the installation screens. After the completion procedure, the user will have to click on the finish button to launch the software. The users have to drag the application image that is downloaded in the folder of applications for the Mac users, and then the app will be installed in the device.

The Features, Pros, and Cons of HandBrake

Hardware acceleration

HandBrake software uses some type of GPUs and APUs that can contain the SIP blocks. These blocks are dedicated to making calculations done for video encodings such as Quick Sync Video, Coding Engine, and more. These types of solutions are only limited to popularly used codes. When this is used, they are extremely fast and depends on the hardware generation. This can or cannot match up with the quality of encoders of the software. HandBrake can support the Intel Quick Sync as it has the latest version that was added in 2018.


Many users can customize the output by altering the rate of bit and maximum size of the file and rate of bit. This software can support the scaling, detelecine, adaptive deinterlacing, scaling, as well as cropping. This is automatic and manual.


HandBrake can support the batch encoding by the graphical user interface and the command-line interface and command-line interface. The third-party scripts, UIs exist particularly for the purpose or batching.


Handbrake can be used to transcode the video, audio from any of the formats to the modern format. It also does not defeat the modern ones and circumvent copy protection.


Handbrake can help in ripping any of the DVDs without the use of any extra software. It can support the video format of any kind, and this can include input and output. It converts DVD movies into digital videos, and these files can be used in portable devices. This tool can optimize videos and audio quality, both automatically or manually. It also has plenty of video editing functionalities. This is why this tool is so popular.


The only con about this is that you will have to install an extra decoder when dealing with copy-protected DVDs. If not, you may not able to rip commercial discs.


On the whole, Handbrake is a free and simple method that is used to converting the digital media on format file can be converted to another. It is a hundred percent legal for the ripping DVDs as long as one is using it only for personal use. This tool is safe to download. It is free of any malicious virus. You can download this tool from the official website, handbrake.fr.  For more info and reviews on different free and paid DVD rippers, visit dvd2dvd.org.


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