How To Write Seo Optimized Content For Rank First Page


Seo optimization is one of the best way to get more traffic to your blogs via search engines. When we Write Seo Friendly Content in blogs and impress visitors. Here am gonna share How To Write Seo Optimized Content. So We will get lot of organic traffic for free. Organic traffic is the main thing in blog improvement and make money. Many advertisers requires enough organic traffic to serve high paying ads.

Today am gonna share you this tips to write seo friendly articles in your blog for rank your posts first page on google. Many seo experts knows content is the king. Because we need enough content to rank first page on search engines. Basically we need to work more on keyword research on backlink building for higher ranking.

Keywords are the main target in organic search results. There are many online tools offering free keyword research tools for find particular keyword for rank your page. But here is the problem, All keywords have keyword difficulty and keyword density for rank in search engines. We have to find suitable keywords for gain targeted volume traffic.

Main thing in seo is backlink. Actually backlinks can helps you to rank your page for particular keyword. Unfortunately many beginners don’t know about how to build backlinks to rank first page on search engines. You must have proper niche related site backlinks for rank your page. Anchor links must have keywords for rank your page for that desired keywords.

In this post am sharing quick tips to write seo articles for beginners. You can write seo articles for money via advertisements. Without keywords we can’t get high paying ads on ad networks. So here in this post you will get double benefits for write seo friendly content for rank your page and increase blog revenue.

There are many good seo training sites like also teaches similar optimization techniques suggested by us.

How To Write Seo Optimized Content :

Content Length :

Basically Long contents rank well in search engines. Many beginners writing only few words on blog post for complete the post with only the main information. But this is slightly hard to get enough rank in search engines.

In this chart it shows the content length for rank first page on google. Search engine requires enough contents and keywords for give full satisfaction for internet users. When we browsing on web we will get long articles that ranks first page on google. In my case am using kewyords and backlinks for rank my page on google. But many time am not getting positive results. When am clicking the page the view the article, It shows lot of paragraphs. Also these pages have many backlinks. Then i focus to content length seo for rank my pages. Recently am start posting some posts in my blog with many paragraphs and images. Also if you have youtube channel add your youtube video that related the post.

Youtube videos can help your ranking in search engines. Users also expect videos for understand the content easily. In Youtube if you type any word you will get many search suggestions in search box. These are mostly searched by users in youtube. So Focus on videos and content length.

Keywords :

Blog posts can rank higher search engines via keywords. Keyword research is one of the best way to rank your page in search engines. Actually every keyword have volume and difficulty for how the keyword search in google. And how long it takes to get index. There are some tools available for keyword research with keyword difficulty and volume checker. My suggestion is semrush. Basically semrush offers free and paid research for find the perfect keywords for rank your page.

When you type desired keyword in search box and take a look at results page, You will get many results related the keyword. In this mentioned screenshot you can see the results of seo tips related keywords. Volume that shows how many times the particular searched on search engines by users. KD Shows the difficulty of indexing. Low keyword difficulty texts can index your page first on search engines with that keywords. But the high Kd texts never gives you satisfaction with indexing for new blogs.

How to use semrush for keyword research

In this keyword research tool, You can also track the cpc on particular keywords. That cpc rates are offers by advertisers for ad clicks. Google adsense ads sometimes gives higher cpc ads like $10 per click And $50 per click. It’s only possible by high paying keywords. Use the high cpc keywords with low keyword difficulty for increase your earnings.

Backlinks :

This is the main this that focus new bloggers for improve ranking. High quality links are helps lot of users to get healthy ranking in search engines. Here also am sharing many backlinks source for find backlinks that helps to rank your pages. More backlinks gives better results in indexing for particular keywords. Ahrefs is the best tool that am used for gain backlinks from competitors and rank my page with particular keyword backlinks.

How To Get High Quality Dofollow Backlinks

You have to get high quality backlinks for rank your page on search engines. But also note that more low quality backlinks will hurts your ranking and site reputation. Use some tools like openlinkexplorer for find backlink quality. Every site has it’s LIS score for indexing. You must know about this tool for backlinks rank. This is free bad backlink tool for secure your site from spam backlinks. Low lis score backlinks are bad backlinks that will damage your seo.

Internal Links Seo :

When writing blog posts also link your previous posts with particular keyword. Ever noticed? sometimes we will get two, three results from same page in search results. That possible only by internal linking. Linking old posts with keywords helps search engines to crawl your linked page for more indexing. Currently many bloggers doing internal linking with unwanted pages. But this is one of the problem in seo damage. WE must link related posts with the keywords. Internal links must have value in search engines.

There are many plugins and tools available for blogger and wordpress for automatic internal linking with related posts. Use them for save your time and work.

Meta Description :

Description is important to tell about your post to users and search engines. But meta description have some requirements to get enough ranking. Meta Description must be under 160 characters long and have keywords. While we avoid meta description in blog posts, Search engines crawl the page texts instead. So adding meta description is good for seo. Meta data’s are invisible from web page and works for improve the page quality. Adding Keywords with meta description is good for seo and works well to index a page.

Here in this blog am using meta descriptions for improve my post quality. In some of my posts i forgot to take a time for meta description. But these posts also indexed in google. But not getting proper ranking. So after this issue am start using meta description with my posts. Keywords are the main thing in meta description, So that add info about your post in description with some high volume keywords.

Image Alt Tags :

A image can tell a info that’s not explained by 1000 texts. Images are the king for index your blog posts. Google images index your images for particular alt tags. When some users unable to understand the web tutorial they requires videos and images for understanding. Img Alt tags helps your images to index in google images. Also use keywords for get more traffic from google images. Because keyword volume for country shows the searches on given text in search engines. So that you will target country based audience by google images.

Page Speed :

Google loves fast loading webpage for helps search results. Many internet users loves fast loading page for get information quickly for their desired question. Avoid lot of ads in your web page and javascript. More ads can discourage your page speed and user engagements. For find your page speed quickly.

I Recommend Pingdom tool and you can also read this great article written by Tung Taran about 22 ways to speed up wordpress site. You can monitor your web page for page speed and improve it by solve issues. Use fast loading theme and avoid lot of ads. Because fast loading themes decreases site loading time.

So that users will read your another posts and loves your blog for visit daily. It also requires to reduce bounce rate in google analytics. Bounce rate is the rate based percentage that shows how many visitors leave your site after reading only one posts. It will causes more bounce rate for decrease your seo Reputation. So that internal linking and fast loading time helps you to reduce bounce rate and improve seo score.

So friends follow all above tips to write seo friendly content and improve your search engine ranking.



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